Hiking is my great escape. An activity where my thoughts have space to flow freely and where I feel most at peace. It’s one of the few things for me that encourages pure wonder and endless gratitude. A chance for me to escape the chaos of my mind and remember what’s truly important.

Over the years, I’ve had many ambitions, ideas, and realizations as a result of these hikes. I’ve had conversations with others that have opened me up to different perspectives. But until recently, I haven’t felt the call to share the things that have been brewing over the years.

Part of the focus of the blog is to be around financial freedom and financial perspectives. I call it…The Mindful Dollar! I began by explaining the debt-free journey I’ve been on over the years and how we became debt-free.

But, why limit the blog only to this? Don’t I have more to say?

Who am i?

I live a decently minimal lifestyle and ask a lot of questions. My wife and I tend not to overindulge in much aside from coffee, happy hours, reading and conversation. On most Saturdays, you will find us having too deep of a conversation for a morning in a coffee shop. Followed by a series of things such as lunch, golf, a workout, a hike, reading, and whatever else comes up. You could say things are pretty easy right now. Which is why I aim to use every opportunity to better myself and focus on living. Or so I say.

I think a lot about who I want to be and where I want to go. Maybe too much sometimes. I’m a meditator and light-hearted person with a lot of flaws. I seek deep conversations and enjoy a great story. I’m in bed by 9 pm most nights and up by 4:30 am most days of the week.

But if there is one thing that’s a constant in my life, it is gratitude. How lucky am I to have what I have? Or for the opportunity to share meaningful things via a blog to whoever will receive them? I’ve been thinking a lot about what happiness really is but the only thing I’ve come up with so far is being appreciative of who I am and what I’ve got.

I’ve recently realized that I am happiest when I am creating rather than consuming. And when I’m spending less time thinking, journaling, and planning and taking action instead, no matter how small. So I’d rather not sit back and think about what could have been created and get busy seeking the life I truly want by experimenting and seeing what sticks.

I hope you find some useful information here and I hope we get a chance to connect. Until then, be well.

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