The central question that inspires my writing is “Is there another way to look at this?” I constantly ask myself what is true for me and seek alternate perspectives.

Most of the articles on this site will be short-form highlighting these alternate perspectives. If I am successful, I will have inspired you to discover more about yourself.

Below is a list of different categories containing various articles as well as a master list of all of the articles ever published on the blog.

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June 26th             Simple Guidance For Investing
June 19th             If You're Not Progressing, Reconnect With Your Why
June 12th             Eye-Opening Financial Pictures
June 5th              What Do You Do With Found Money?
May 29th              6 Unconventional Financial Questions to Ask Yourself
May 22nd              Maybe You Should Just Move
May 15th              Balancing Money Dials and Debt
May 8th               The Best Articles on Buying a Home
May 1st               Lessons Learned From Over 10 Years of Driving Used Cars
April 24th            The Financial Power Of Living Within Your Means
April 17th            What Does Productivity Mean To You?
April 10th            Your Student Loans and a Few Financial Moves to Consider Right Now
April 3rd            8-Steps On How To Get Out of Debt
March 27th            A Personal Story on Frugalness and Investing In Yourself
March 25th            How To Use Micro-Sacrifices To Be More Awesome
March 20th            Financial Friday: Give Your Spouse A Financial Presentation
March 13th            Remember The Good      
March 6th             Financial Friday: The Art of Saying No
February 28th         Financial Friday: Do The Pre-Work
February 26th         Let Go of The Black-White Mindset
February 21st         Financial Friday: The Lesser Option
February 19th         Are The Savings Worth The Time And Effort?
February 14th         Financial Friday: Pay for a Pain Point
February 7th          Financial Friday: Using The This-And-That Mindset
February 5th          Do You Love It Here?
January 31st          Financial Friday:The 10% Rule
January 29th          Opportunity Cost and Your New Car
January 22nd          Should I Delay Investing to Become Debt-Free?
January 15th          How To Think About The Things We Own       


December 18th         How To Create A Budget That Doesn't Suck
December 11th         List Your Debts, Learn Your Debt Payoff Date, and Snowball
December 10th         Combine Your Finances and Define Financial Freedom To Eliminate Debt
December 9th          Intro to a Debt Free Life