Once you make a decision to be more disciplined with your budget or to become debt-free ASAP, how can you be OK with saying yes to so many things? Or in life, how many times have you said yes to the mundane which ended up adding stress and distracting you from your most important goals? Why are your amazing goals getting set aside? I believe it lies with our ability to say no.

For this Financial Friday, I’d like to introduce a couple of important articles written by a few experts on the art of saying no. Because you have to say no to the good, to make room for the “Hell Yes’s” in life.

The Art of Saying No

When you hear you should say no more often, don’t mistake it for denying everything to save money. Instead, the intention of saying no is to remove the unnecessary little things, the time-suckers, the money drains, and the times when you’re not stoked about a decision and are just going through the motions. Not just in finances, in every aspect of life.

If your primary goal is to live it up that doesn’t give you a free pass to mismanage your money. If you decide to delay your debt payoff strategy for something amazing that lights you up or really is a “Hell Yes!” then be decisive and let go of the guilt.

Regret is less likely to happen if you have a solid mental model for saying no. And that is the objective of the game. To get your no game on point to make room for the great things that truly matter in life.

Resources for saying no

I’ve identified three people you may have heard of that are shining examples of this logic; Derek Sivers, Mark Manson, and Tim Ferriss. As uber-successful people, you can imagine all of the things they have to say yes to and the limited time they have to be as top performers in their industries.

If there is just one takeaway from this article, its to open your eyes to the power of no. And I think these articles below are a simple starting point.


Sweeping declarations such as “I’ll never be out of debt” or “I’m just too busy to do that” are preventing you from getting the life you want. Busyness is a choice no matter how much you try to reason it’s not. And by not choosing an action, you still have made a choice.

Life is filled with tiny choices. Ones that compound quickly and can derail both your financial and life goals. Each choice you make in life is a vote towards the person you want to become. Will you choose to be disciplined and focus on the big things or your ONE thing?

It’s time to learn to say no to the “Meh’s” in life to make room for the “Hell Yes’s!”? The choice is yours.