Over the years, I’ve spent a lot of time reading about investing. I started with the foundation, debated the strategies, spoke with investment advisors, and everything in between. Out of this, three things became clear to me.

  1. I will never consistently beat the market nor do I care to try.
  2. A simple, consistent contribution strategy with an average stock market return rate over time will make me very wealthy.
  3. Not investing or deferring investment dollars until later is one of the worst financial decisions I can make.

I’m no expert by any means nor am I trying to sell you anything except for the fact that investing doesn’t have to be difficult.

Because I feel strongly about this, I’ve compiled some must-read articles on investing in the section below. If you don’t feel like reading articles on investing, and want an easy answer, skip to the end.

Simple guidance for investing

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Investing myths

Investing can and should be very simple for 99% of people

The simplest strategy of all

With investing, it seems that less is more for most people. According to Warren Buffett, that’s 99% of people. If you resonate with having a simple strategy that makes you wealthy, here’s the even simpler advice experts give.

  • Set aside as much as you can in investment accounts (i.e. 10-15% of your gross income). Start with your 401(k) up to your employer match (free money) then look elsewhere.
  • Invest all of your money in a low-cost stock index fund, such as Vanguard’s VTSMX.
  • Continue investing as much money as possible over the years. Don’t touch any of it until retirement.
  • Ignore the news and ignore your fund performance.

Don’t believe me? Good. Start reading. This is too important to ignore.

Start today

Don’t you want to stop wondering whether or not you’re doing the right thing? Don’t let others determine your strategy or project their “wisdom” onto you without investigating yourself. Take some time and dive in! I promise it’s not that difficult.

Know of an article that you think I should include or read? Send it my way! I’d be happy to consider adding it here.