I’ve never blindly accepted homeownership as better than renting, even over the long term. It depends on many variables including where you live, what your housing preference is, maintenance, interest, and most importantly, what you might do with the difference between your rent payment and mortgage payments.

Everywhere you turn, you’re going to find tons of reasons why you should buy a house, especially those who stand to make money from your decision. If you don’t do your own research, you could be making a huge financial mistake by check off a box of things you should do.

I’m not saying that buying a home is a bad investment. Neither is renting. You’re still paying for a service/foundational need without baggage after all. Like everything else, bad investments are made when you don’t understand the process and all the other variables and opportunity costs in play. Maybe your financial freedom doesn’t include homeownership because of all the baggage that comes with it.

In my own research on the matter, I found some great resources related to home buying and provided the best below. I hope this article helps educate and becomes a one-stop shop for both those considering homeownership and people who currently have a home.

The best articles on buying a home

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Don’t be fooled into blindly accepting that buying a home is the only way to financial freedom. Financial freedom varies from person to person and we shouldn’t let people shame us into buying homes.

Maybe not having the stress of homeownership is actually a better strategy for your health, which in turn keeps you less stressed, which in turn saves you thousands in medical bills, which in turn enables you to invest lots of money, which in turn helps you retire early, and the trickle effect goes on! As wild as that seems, it may not be too far off.

While on the other hand, homeownership could be a slam dunk and keep you from getting screwed by the rental companies, crappy landlords, build a family comfortably and enable you to put down roots in a place you love with comfortable payments below that of renting. If you love tinkering, home maintenance, and repairs, then you should probably buy a home. 

If you’ve ever been interested in home buying, you might start with some of these articles. I hope they challenge your existing beliefs about homeownership and get you thinking about your own financial freedom.