Articles about finances can be boring and there is no shortage of long articles about them. My aim is to change that with a sub-brand of the blog I call The Mindful Dollar.

The purpose of my writing is to provide different ways of thinking about money using numbers, calculators, and other financial tools through short articles that help you determine what’s best for you.

Having paid off $55,000 in 3-years during our path to becoming debt-free, I decided to write about it through a series of articles dubbed the Debt-Free Chronicles.

The only books you’ll need

A list of Mindful Dollar articles by date


June 26th           Simple Guidance For Investing
June 19th           If You're Not Progressing, Reconnect With Your Why
June 12th           Eye-Opening Financial Pictures
May 29th            6 Unconventional Financial Questions to Ask Yourself
May 15th            Balancing Money Dials and Debt
May 8th            The Best Articles on Buying a Home
May 1st            Lessons Learned From Over 10 Years of Driving Used Cars
April 24th         The Financial Power Of Living Within Your Means
April 10th         Your Student Loans and a Few Financial Moves to Consider Right Now
April 3rd          8-Steps On How To Get Out of Debt
March 20th         Financial Friday: Give Your Spouse A Financial Presentation
March 6th          Financial Friday: The Art of Saying No
February 28th      Financial Friday: Do The Pre-Work
February 26th      Let Go Of The Black-White Mindset
February 21st      Financial Friday: The Lesser Option
February 19th      Are The Savings Worth The Time and Effort?
February 14th      Financial Friday: Pay for a Pain Point
February 7th       Financial Friday: Using the This-And-That Mindset
January 31st       Financial Friday: The 10% Rule
January 29th       Opportunity Cost and Your New Car
January 22nd       Should I Delay Investing to Become Debt-Free?


December 18th      How To Create A Budget That Doesn't Suck
December 11th      List Your Debts, Learn Your Debt Payoff Date, and Snowball
December 10th      Combine Your Finances and Define Financial Freedom To Eliminate Debt
December 9th       Intro to a Debt Free Life